HLTH – Ideas Around Innovation Are Plentiful…

Beyond the Cirque du Soleil-like trapeze acts, and vats of coffee consumed, the HLTH 2018 Las Vegas event proved to be a gathering of people eager to make an impact on the future of healthcare. The perspectives of providers, payers, patients, and employers were represented well and everyone was excited to be part of the conversations and collaborations taking place.


At this year’s conference, TAFi had a  presence on the exhibit floor where our team participated in conversations with a wide range of stakeholder groups with unique ideas as to where healthcare IT was headed in the years ahead. Innovative perspectives related to data interoperability were especially plentiful, and there was genuine excitement from all in attendance at the prospect of what challenges each new product featured could potentially overcome. As one fellow exhibitor told us, “(TAFi) can help us close the loop with our product!”

But the inertia in the system today makes change hard. Rasu Shrestha, Chief Innovation Officer for UPMC, remarked in his speech that “everyone wants to innovate, no one wants to change.”

At TAFi,  we play an integral role in helping to overcome this barrier to change. We help startups and large healthcare organizations alike break free of the traditional way of managing data interoperability. Our platform makes interoperability a means to innovation, and not just simply about shuffling data.

If you missed us at HLTH, we still want to meet with those of you who believe what we believe, so please feel free to get in touch with us.