+ Why shouldn’t we just build integration ourselves?

You’re great at solving a big problem and you may be able to handle your integration needs. In the case that you find scaling to new partners too expensive and/or labor intensive, we would like to ease that burden and help you grow. The way we normalize the blended data layer also gives you an easier way to run algorithms.

+ Isn’t Amazon/Google/Apple going to do this soon?

We think it’s great that these companies are paying attention to healthcare, and it’s going to really help in bring the consumers, us, into the conversation.

The industry as a whole is still a ways off from having a safe, unified approach to aggregating data in real-time. We believe these titans entering this space shines a huge spotlight on just how severe this problem is, and we hope that as a community we’ll continue to innovate this problem out of existence

It’s not likely that they’ll do exactly the same thing since they’re consumer focused, and while we don’t build a custom solution for each client, we’re able to adapt to changing needs faster than these types of companies.

+ With FHIR and APIs, why do I need a separate integration platform?

We like FHIR too but it’s not the solution to every problem. There are many libraries to solve different problems but there are no silver bullets for everything that you’ll encounter, and we feel that we have a lot to contribute to your success. We meet you where you are, you don’t need to change your data to fit a solution you pay for.

+ Security is a top priority, you say you’re HIPAA compliant but do you have any certifications to show it?

Certifications are nice, but it's more of a process than proof. Our experience with auditing is strong.

Our security architect built the HIPAA compliance process in AWS for a major firm, so we’re very confident in his thoroughness with us.

We do penetration testing to make sure there's no question about our security.

+ Do you have {XYZ specific model} products?

Here’s a key difference between us and others: Our data model is set up to ingest a true longitudinal view of a person. If a specific type of information isn’t built out yet, the model will still be able to blend it after we code that piece. We work with all kinds of patient data, so if there's something we don’t currently do, it’s still a very short timeframe for us to incorporate it, still much faster than other options.

+ I know that I want data integrated, but I don't know what it should look like. Can you help?

We're excellent at moving quickly once you know what your data needs to look like, but going through your process to determine how to best format it for your needs is a more custom service that we're not currently offering. We’re always happy to make suggestions, and we want to focus on making the best software on the market so we don’t want to stray from our core product to charge for expensive services that you don’t likely need.