TAFi for Healthcare Organizations (HCOs)

Your healthcare organization is full of talent but you need a partner with modern technology that is dynamic and will not impact your legacy systems. TAFi provides the foundation for your clinical transformation teams to better analyze population data and deliver feedback at the bedside — where it really matters.


TAFi Product Details

  • TAFi installs and starts reconciling your data feeds in under an hour
  • TAFi is built to be easily scaled within your organization. It includes simple developer tools, a well-documented data model, and visualization tools that nurture data mining and exploration
  • TAFi works together with your teams to automate use cases, for example sepsis reduction or readmission prevention

TAFi Benefits

  • Big Data insights aid stakeholders in prioritizing initiatives in care and operations
  • Your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system integrates with bleeding-edge software and serves up real-time information, directly at the bedside were patients care is delivered
  • Continuous and incremental improvements are now part of your data-driven culture, and not just lip-service