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You need integration that is smart, secure, and straightforward. TAFi is a next-generation platform that democratizes interoperability with healthcare data and gives you the power to accelerate innovation in healthcare.


The TAFi Platform

TAFi’s clinical data integration platform provides healthcare organizations, payers, developers and pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to accelerate innovation in healthcare. The person-centric data model on which TAFi’s platform is based supports real-time blending, aggregating and normalization of data in any format, from any source, including EMRs, EHRs, LISs and HIEs. By aggregating streams of both clinical and non-clinical data and connecting them to the EMR, stronger insights into patient data can be gleaned quickly and easily, resulting in improved outcomes and overall well-being.

TAFi [taf-ee] noun

1. a revolutionary HCIT company; 
2. a team of experts devoted to improving the industry; 
3. a game-changing platform for healthcare innovators

TAFi is a healthcare IT company founded by industry experts with decades of experience engineering and implementing software solutions in some of the nation’s busiest healthcare systems. We do not require our clients to have sophisticated IT/IS teams, because we ingest data in any format, from any system and provide unparalleled support resources to our clients. The TAFi system is the only system that is out-of-the-box compliant with existing and evolving industry specifications for interoperability.




Software/ Med Device Vendors

Unleash Your Innovation

Being behind in data acquisition to power your solutions and satisfy customer requests dulls your product's edge. Data via TAFi is real-time and you only have to design your product around a single API and security protocol for a any EMR, billing systems or LISs. TAFi installs safely either in your data center, your clients', or on our secure cloud.  Your developers can easily test current compatibility in real-time using our sandbox as we’re always improving. TAFi is built to easily scale with you and includes simple developer tools, a well-documented data model, and visualization tools that nurture data exploration and mining. With TAFi you can finally automate data acquisition and can focus on serving your clients and improving your product.


Health Systems

Empower Clinicians and Boost Profits

Healthcare organizations require easy and immediate access to data in order to deliver feedback directly to patients when they need it. The low-cost TAFi platform provides real-time updates gleaned from multiple data sources, allowing for easy visibility into patient information, and can be easily scaled as needed. Care teams can connect quickly and easily into the main EMR, streamlining care team communications, enhancing efficiencies and ultimately, improving patient and operational outcomes.



Find New Cost Savings

Lots of hospitals, lots of providers, lots of data — most of it comes in monthly at best. Managing risk across your subscriber base is a challenge. Month-old data is OK for retroactive analysis, but it doesn’t allow intervention at the point of service, where it’s needed most.  How can you be dynamic and better understand how to improve population health?  TAFi automates the collection of data in real-time, and establishes interactive collaboration at the point-of-service within the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), allowing better pricing decisions and patient engagement programs.


Leadership Team

Our team has decades of industry experience working with organizations like yours to ensure the right data is used at the right time to improve patient care and streamline operations.



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