TAFi unifies your backend and powers up your apps

The TAFi Platform

 TAFi aggregates data streams from multiple clinical and non-clinical sources under one unified platform and connects that data to the EMR, providing a holistic and unified view of patients and their associated health data. It is an ideal solution for healthcare organizations (HCOs), payers, developers and pharma. The person-centric data model on which TAFi’s platform is based, supports real-time blending, aggregating and normalization of data in any format, from any source. Examples include electronic medical records (EMRs), electronic health records (EHRs), laboratory information systems (LISs) and health information exchanges (HIEs).


Raw data from thousands of patient record data elements can be automatically fed into the TAFi platform and is then mapped to the API, remaining encrypted end-to-end. The data is stored on a centralized layer on which vendors can easily test current compatibility and run analytics or other clinical support tools. The platform is built to be easily scaled as needed and in addition to its data model, includes simple developer tools and visualization tools that nurture data exploration and mining.


Because of the level of flexibility TAFi provides and its ability to ingest data in real-time, application developers and medical device manufacturers can design products via a single API, without requiring comprehensive IT staff involvement.  It is built around a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)-compliant data model design and is the only system that is out-of-the-box compliant with existing and evolving industry specifications for interoperability.

The turnkey platform can be deployed both on-premise or in the cloud, and can be quickly integrated within one to four weeks. Providing organizations with the ability to get the data they need quickly and effectively empowers them with the opportunity to accelerate innovation in healthcare.