Integration is hard.
tafi makes it easy.

tafi is a next-generation platform that democratizes healthcare data and gives you the power to accelerate innovation in healthcare.

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tafi integrations

tafi connects you to new sources quickly -- all with one API. This enables you to stay focused on revolutionizing healthcare.

Without tafi

With tafi

  • We have an app we want to build!

  • Get Dept Buy In and $

  • Exec Buy In

  • IT/PMO Buy In

  • Source and hire outside devs

  • Tech Roadmap finalized and ready to build

  • Back and forth

  • Prototype QA and QC

  • Prototype ready for data

  • Integration plans begin

  • Sign BAA

  • Pass HIPAA Audit

  • Open VPN

  • Manage data feeds

  • App Ready!

how tafi helps you

Software maps 90%+ of the data

Mapping hospital data fields to yours can be a long process. tafi’s algorithm posts as much as possible to the data model before highlighting areas that aren’t a sure match (<10% of the data).

Expose via straightforward API

APIs are making the world a smaller place and tafi’s API is no different. It's easy to request and expose the data you need.

Work with data easily

tafi's data model is designed to be flexible and intuitive. Developers can easily find and access required data fields for use in your application.

Translate to our FHIR-compatible data model

FHIR will make some interoperability easier. To help you get there, any data that comes into tafi will be natively compatible with other FHIR-based connections.

Ingest almost any data format

The hospitals you work with may use different data formats. tafi is data format agnostic. We can ingest HL7v2, EDI X12, FHIR, or almost anything else.


tafi is already compatible with most off-the-shelf medical record systems

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