TAFi unifies your backend, and powers up your apps

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TAFi’s API is built around an FHIR-compliant data model design. It’s simple for easy  programming and focuses on the key data from systems like EMR/EHRs, LIS and HIEs, making innovation and development more fluid. The data model supports real-time blending, aggregating and normalization of clinical data from any source, empowering your organization's ability to get insight where it will make the greatest impact.

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Your healthcare organization is full of talent but you need a partner with modern technology that is dynamic, without affecting the usability of your legacy systems. TAFi provides the foundation for your clinical transformation teams to better analyze population data and deliver feedback at the bedside — where it really matters.



Lots of hospitals, lots of providers, lots of data — most of it comes in monthly at best. Managing risk across your subscriber base is a challenge. Month-old data is OK for retroactive analysis, but it doesn’t allow intervention at the point of service, where it’s needed most.  How can you be dynamic and better understand how to improve population health?


Software Vendors

Your software solution is key to the success of your healthcare clients. However, in an ever-changing landscape, lagging behind in data acquisition to power your apps and satisfy customer requests doesn't give you an edge. Data via TAFi is real-time and you only have to code your product against one API, not every flavor of month.