TAFi for Payors

Lots of hospitals, lots of providers, lots of data — most of it comes in monthly at best. Managing risk across your subscriber base is a challenge. Month-old data is OK for retroactive analysis, but it doesn’t allow intervention at the point of service, where it’s needed most.  How can you be dynamic and better understand how to improve population health?


TAFi Product Details

  • TAFi installs and starts reconciling your data feeds in under an hour
  • TAFi is built to be easily scaled within your organization. It includes simple developer tools, a well-documented data model, and visualization tools that nurture data mining and exploration
  • TAFi works with your team and providers by automating the collection of data in real-time, and establishing interactive collaboration at the point-of-service within the Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

TAFi Benefits

  • Big Data insights in real-time that allow interventions in care and operations at the point-of-service
  • Interactivity with your providers, within their EMRs, allowing you to serve up real-time decision support at the point-of-care
  • Preemptive interventions and instant outcomes analysis will allow your organization to be more dynamic in managing cost and risk across your entire subscriber base