TAFi for Software Vendors & Medical Devices

Software is key to the success of your healthcare clients. However, in an ever-changing landscape, being behind in data acquisition to power your apps and satisfy customer requests dull your product's edge.  Data via TAFi is real-time and you only have to design your product around a single API and security protocol for a variety of EMRs, billing systems and LISs, not every flavor of month.


TAFi Product Details

  • TAFi installs safely either in your data center, your clients', or on our secure cloud.  Your developer teams can easily test current compatibility in real-time using our sandbox, we’re always improving
  • TAFi is built to be easily scale with you. It includes simple developer tools, a well documented data model, and visualization tools that nurture data exploration and mining
  • TAFi automates data acquisition so you can focus on serving your clients and improving your product


TAFi Benefits

  • A single-point middle-ware and cloud solution to meet all of the security requirements for any client
  • Real-time data exchange, with built-in industry-standard compliance, monitoring and logging
  • Deep integration with your clients Electronic Medical Record (EMR) so that you can serve up real-time information, anywhere your app is used
  • New insights into your clients that will drive product improvements and open up future opportunities