The TAFi Leadership Team


Kevin Desai, Co-founder + CEO

As co-founder and CEO of TAFi, Kevin is responsible for creating and driving the vision behind TAFi’s product and mission - to liberate data from the enterprise. Kevin believes that companies spend too much time talking about interoperability and integration, and not enough time doing it. With over a decade of experience managing and implementing millions of dollars of software in some of the nation’s busiest hospital, Kevin has leveraged his industry expertise and passion for technology to develop a product he knew would solve the problems existing technology solutions could not. Kevin holds a degree in Telecommunications Management from Michigan State University.

In his spare time:

Kevin claims that he’s not a very interesting person, but loves to meet them. When he’s not dreaming up the next product idea, Kevin spends time with his wife and three children.

Number of times he’s been on Canadian soil:

Zero – Kevin’s only been on Canadian snow and rivers.

The right answer?

🖖 Vulcan Salute emoji.


Paul Kruger, Co-Founder + CTO

Paul is the mastermind behind the TAFi code and is the architect of TAFi’s entire product line. A self-proclaimed hacker, Paul appreciates the complexities of the healthcare technology landscape and prides himself on creating powerful solutions that are simple to implement and use. Before TAFi, Paul spent over 10 years as a programmer and team lead for various healthcare systems and development initiatives. He holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

In his spare time:

Paul is an avid coaster enthusiast (roller coaster, for the uninitiated) and scuba diver.

Number of times he’s been on Canadian soil:

Just once.

The right answer?


unnamed (1).jpg

Mel Malka, Strategy + Operations

At TAFi, Mel tag-teams a large number of company responsibilities with Kevin and primarily oversees Operations and Financial strategy, Sales and Marketing, and Customer Success. Prior to her role at TAFi, Mel consulted and advised for numerous early stage startups, held roles within venture capital firms, and helped corporations improve their operational systems and procedures. Her diverse experiences were instrumental in helping develop her financial perspective and technical acumen. With degrees in both Neuroscience and Molecular Genetics, Mel has a background in studying people and data.

In her spare time:

Mel likes to run medium-length distances and write chatbots to respond to her friends’ emails. She also mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and is a teaching assistant for the University of Chicago Booth School of Business’s Entrepreneurial Finance & Private Equity program.

Number of times she’s been on Canadian soil:

Tricky – Mel was born in Montréal.

The right answer?

John Cena, always.

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